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tv   11 News Sunday Morning  NBC  May 19, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> you are watching wbal tv 11 -- live, local, late breaking -- this is 11 news sunday morning. >> good morning and welcome to 11 news sunday morning. >> will get to our stock -- our top stories in a moment but let's look at outside first. >> you might want to wear a hat today. it is a bad hair day with high humidity. it was fun to wear a hat at preakness. 61 degrees at the airport and still fog and drizzle being reported outside and humidity at 97%. the easterly wind is 6 miles per hour bringing in all that moisture from the coast. there is a lot of clouds across the region but the radar looks
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fairly quiet. it is deceiving because the radar is not picking up on the drizzle but it is picking up the showers in virginia and north carolina which will move our way. the entire day has a chance for showers but especially into the afternoon as high as a bridge 70. this unsettled weather sticks around for a few more days. >> it's all about the odds that someone in florida has beaten them all by imagine all the numbers to win the highest power ball jackpot in history. >> an estimated $590 million on one winning ticket sold at a supermarket but there is still hope for the rest of us. if you bought a ticket, you could have some of the other numbers. >> may be a consolation prize to get your tickets out. winningugh the odds of or 175 million to 1, plenty of people willing to place a bet on those odds. >> grocery stores, liquor
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stores, or any store that was selling power ball tickets on saturday did not have to search for customers. >> am wondering why they are all here because i am going to win. >> at $600 million, this powerful jackpot is the game's largest in history. maryland is one of 43 states that participates and participants can't wait to find out if their bank accounts are about to increase by many zeroes. >> i am trying to win the power ball. i when you get the house, don't have no money so i am trying to get some money. >> i feel it's time for me to get out of my little house and into a. >> whether you take the cash lump sum of $376 million for the annuity option, that is a lot of money. >> i know exactly what to do with it. i will help homeless and the poor. >> take a nice long vacation,
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take these paint close off and -- livingood. >> i cannot imagine but i would give most of it away. family members and children, mostly. lottery officials have confirmed that a ticket matching all six numbers was sold in florida. for ae scary moments wedding party when their limo caught fire in the southbound lanes of the jfx. this happened around 8:30 last night around the northern parkway exit and one of our colleagues took this video and firefighters arrived to extinguish the flames. noem was injured but it remains unclear what started that fire. we're learning more about a house fire that broke out near erdman avenue and bel air road. two homes were damaged their after the fire broke out around 9:40 saturday morning. the fire reached two alarms and
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the homes are occupied at the time but everyone was able to make it out ok. there is no word this morning at a cause of that fire. the displaced families are being helped. >> police are investigating two separate stabbings in baltimore county. beohol is believed to involved in a knife attack around 6:00 yesterday morning. the victim was treated at union memorial hospital for stab wounds to the arm and has since been released. we know the suspect has been identified as a former student and an acquaintance is now in police custody. officers are still looking for a suspect in a separate stabbing that happened a few hours earlier. this was around 1:20 yesterday catonsville. a man was stabbed a number of ties that there is no word on his current condition. both cases are still under investigation. ♪
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♪ the 138th running of the preakness stakes were there was an of said yesterday. everyone was on the orb bandwagon but oxbow let's start to finish. his 50-year-old hall of fame jockey makes history as the oldest jockey to ever win the preakness. it was a fun day to watch the horses and a great day to people watch at pimlico. happy preakness. >> quite possibly the only place that can attract gene simmons, a police detective -- >> well the real police detective please move forward? >> and a photo bomber and a horse match. >> it was incredible. there is all kinds of people from cross-crooked to fancy and snooty. >> the pimlico race course on this third saturday in may was a
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lesson in contrast. /chat --an obstetrician gynaecologist but not today. >> the bottomless mug of beer -- >> riesling in a mug. >> day stage with a trophy so expensive that it is the woodlawn vase. did not matter that may 18 was a drizzly day. more than 117,000 people still showed up. >> i have been coming here for almost 20 years. >> it was a little cold and rainy but we are having a little fun. >> everybody comes out and enjoys the day and hope you win some money. >> but not if you bet on orb. >> happened to or? >> there may be 138 years of tradition but the preakness broke new ground in 2013. it was an upset when the winning jockey proved that 50 years old is most certainly not over the hill. >> we will be aired next year. 364 days, we will be right back.
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city police say it was a relatively quiet preakness because they did not have to respond to any serious public safety incidents but three men were arrested for disorderly conduct and their work a few minor medical calls. >> congratulations to them. the time is 9:08. does the way to address on the job stand in the way of a promotion? >> to what extent employers say it influences their decision. >> the weather will have a huge influence on how you dress today. you may still need those rain jackets and we will have details coming up. >> symphonic music, theater and drag racing all and one jam packed show. i hope you'll join us for this
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>> now, your instaweather plus forecast -- >> that time is 9:00 and 11 and
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we're starting off with a live look at pimlico were there will be lots of cleaning up today following the preakness and 53 degrees at the inner harbor. we have fog and drizzle at the airport and it looks foggy toward pimlico. winds are out of the east at 6 miles per hour and is that easterly wind flow that brings the moisture from the ocean. we are stuck in that pattern and we are going to see warmer weather into the next couple of days. a lot of clouds are stuck in place and a drizzle is not showing up on the raider but there are showers down to our south in virginia -- showing up on the radar but there are showers down to our south in virginia and north carolina. 61 degrees right now at the airport, 63 in westminster and 60 degrees in parkton. there are a few spots near 70 across the lower eastern shore.
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it is a place to start off the day but it is a little chilly but the afternoon. we normally expect it to get warmer later in the day but with all the cloud cover, the temperatures will be held down, highs only near 70 across central maryland and eastern shore. we expected mid-60's into the mountains. everyone has a chance for showers today. southern maryland may see a rumble of thunder. for tonight, we'll have scattered showers as we fall back into the mid 60's. the winds become more southeasterly and it is that component that brings in the warm air through the next couple of days. we will be watching the warm air come in with this unsettled boundary, the same one we have been tracking all last week. it is still stuck in that pattern and warm air comes in from the south but we will also have rain chances along the front three this area of low
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pressure into the planes will take its sweet time moving here. once it clears out, we will hopefully get some sun gen. until then, we have to talk about rain chances almost every single day. we expect times of the dry weather in between everything. the best chance for east afternoon is when we will see showers and storms. it warms up midweek, 85 on tuesday, 84 on wednesday. you have to watch the afternoon for the best chance of showers and storms but there should be dry weather in between. fun,st in time for summer a former barclay iraq center opens yesterday after it was shut down last august but neighborhood advocates believe the center could find a new life and the greater home would corp. is envisioning a wide range of activities for the 7200 sq. ft) deep and yoga class is to job
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skills training. does your workplace or drug say about you? coming up next, what some employers are using as far as offering you a promotion. >> here are some events going around town this weekend
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>> the number of americans seeking unemployment benefits rose 36-week high last week. that jump comes one week after applications had reached a five- year low. the increase may come from companies that are cutting jobs because of steep government spending cuts that took effect in march. the economy is adding jobs over all, an average of 208,000 per month since november. for those looking for work this summer, 30% of employers plan to hire seasonal help and 20% of the judge will pay at least $16 per hour. most of those jobs will be in the leisure and hospitality industry followed by manufacturing, i t, and retail. at a time when getting a job for keeping a job is getting harder and harder, don't let your wardrobe cost you. what to wear is white john owen
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is here. >> good morning. look great. ">> handson but you're telling us that wants a woman came to interview and what was she wearing? >> she had on five-leopard boots for a 9:00 a.m. interview which was probably not the look she should have had. >> not for a professional job interview. wear,t comes to what you what are the numbers out there saying? >> in a survey that we did in 2013, only 8% of the employers said it is critically significant that you wear the right stuff but 72% said it is impact will. you have it -- you really get a% which is a big number. 20 percent sides said they don't care. contrast that with 2007 numbers and it was much higher, 33% said
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it was really critical and only 60% said it is somewhat important. either way, 93%-80%, it is important when you wear to work it is your impression, every minute of every day. when people wonder if they should pick jennifer to do that for this, a lot of businesses whether they seem that way or not are wondering how you will impress their customers. it comes into play with everything. the word i always reach for is 'credibility.' if you don't look the part, you harm your credibility and in the work atmosphere, that's important. >> and in a time when we get into summer and there are a lot of internships, what should intern's keep in mind? school,you are in you're not really being graded on what you wear. you have relaxed clothes and flip-flops'.
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gym first and you go to class. it is very important to mirror what you see in your employer. you're not going to wear a suit and tie in a job in a warehouse but you want to fit in with the way everybody looks around you. the thing everybody heard growing up is addressed to the part that you want, addressed to the job you aspire to. look around where you are and dressed like that. don't just think you're an intern and you can be casual. they are evaluating you every minute you are there. unless you don't want a permanent job there, you want to look the part that it seems like common sense that there is such a relaxed attitude. >> as wonderful as mark zuckerberg has been with facebook, going around in a woody all the time i think has applied to people that that is okay.
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the reality is not everybody is mark zuckerberg and they don't own the company and you do not wear a hoody the time. >> good advice and thank you. good luck to everyone looking for jobs. coming up next, your sunday gardener. and i seeback here tropical fields. >> i feel like we're in the caribbean theme we just need some steel drum music. we'll talk tropical, coming up
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morning and welcome to "europe sunday gardener." we are better than half way past the middle of the month of net. thinkingan start tropical. >> and our medical troubles which are food-related like citrus and bananas. they grow so beautifully and fast in the summertime. here are some of my favorites -- is a high biscuits. it is a hot biscuits tender because you could get high business in a bush but this grows on a tree-like stem. >> has been trimmed and raised. is it one year old? >> this is probably a couple of years old and we get them from florida and the company's bright colors. kind of environment do they need? and theyike it hot like full sun and water them
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when they are dry. you can bring them in when it gets colder. we will talk about that in october. >> what do we have here? alice plaines one is dupont. that will triple in size in one year. the one you have there is a son parasol which is crimson. it is not quite as vigorous growing but still does a nice job and these come in smaller pot but you can get them ready to go and they come in white and stripes of varieties. moree are more and discovered them. the more sun the merrier. they will do ok in part shade. one of my co-workers showed me how they would work in kind of bright shade and they did fine. >> you've got some other ones that are not as typical? >> this is passionflower or
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passion by and with many different varieties that tend to be below but some are red. it grows as a vine and some varieties can grow in the winter but i would not like to swear to it. oddly named potato vine which has been trimmed into a topiary shape. it is very pretty. this is one of my favorites -- this is tipichina. it has a velvety leaves and purple flowers. he don't see a lot of these. they grow ok in full sun but you need to protect them from the hot afternoon sun damage usually i see this guy in a hanging basket. >> this is future of which is been made into a topiary. it is one of the few that will do better -- this is a few shot has been madech into a temporary. it needs water and shade and
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will not do well from 11:00- 3:00. >> morning sun would be great for ed. >> this is bougainvillea. this will handle some moisture when it is in bloom but otherwise like it hot and dry. it has many colors but this is a favorite. >> don't even need the label on their to show us what the bloom is like. >> it really is beautiful. you can buy these in smaller plants and some people use these for bonsai and you could get larger trellis items. >> if you buy a smaller plant, it's got all summer to grow. any special fertilizers? just usee gro is fine them according to directions. flush it out every once in awhile when you are putting fertilizer in a pot. salt can build up so don't put too much fertilizer, flush it out.
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any container plant like that is going to do well with more fertilizer. >> what should we be doing in the garden in general? >> take a look and see where you want to add some color a special -- especially with annuals. a lot of the petunias and everything will last you well into fall. get ahead of the weeds. out there. if you walk around every day, you can pluck them as you go. hand butet out of thank you for joining us. we will see you next week. >> if you have a gardening question, you can send it to " the sunday gardener." you can visit our website, degrees is 9:29 and 59 downtown and next we will look at our top stories.
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>> and the latest on the plan forced to make a belly landing in new work. >> starting off the day with fog and drizzle analysts like sprinkles are developing. that is coming up.
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local, late breaking
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-- this is 11 news sunday morning. >> morning and welcome back. >> we want to ask ava marie when the rain will clear out. >> this could be another unsettled week. last week, every day had a chance for rain and that end ed up panning out and we are dealing with the same thing this week. 61 degrees right now at the airport with fog and drizzle being reported. we have wind out of the east and that is bringing the moisture right off the coast and that produces the high submitted to this morning. we have had the drizzle and a few isolated sprinkles are strong -- starting to break and more showers into virginia and north carolina. showers are possible at any point today but it does not mean it will rain all day long but you may want to have a rain jacket and the. high temperatures will approach 70 degrees later and we will
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talk about that coming up. >> an elderly couple is recovering after surviving a brush with a car in baltimore county grid it happened on andford road in parkville 80-year-old man suffered serious injuries. his wife was also transported to shock trauma about her injuries are not as serious as her husband's. the vehicle remained at the scene and there is no word on who was at fault. >> the city, police are investigating a double shooting in southwest baltimore that happen before 1:00 yesterday morning. investigators said officers found two young men who had been shot and one victim was wounded in the leg and the other in the head but both are listed in stable condition. >> learned that a suspicious death investigation in arbutus ake the part of murder/suicide.
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police found the body of a woman in an on -- and then on conscious man and a woman is 45- years old. she suffered multiple injuries and their wedding for autopsy to determine her cause of death but the man found in a home is listed in critical but stable condition. he had self-inflicted wounds. ♪ as many as 60 people are being treated for injuries they sustained when a car drove into a parade in southwestern virginia. witnesses say an elderly driver who was participating in the parade may have suffered a medical emergency that caused him to lose control of his cadillac. three of the victims were flown to regional hospitals and another dozen were taken by ambulance including the driver of the car. none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening. investigating a
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landing gear problem. one airline says the turboprop plan the 34 people on board landed safely at newark international airport with its landing gear retracted but no injuries were reported. that was scary. don't go away, we will be right back. >> will have a look at is what is coming on "meet the press." >> controversy is dominating washington this week from the irs to benghazi so what does that mean for the president's second term and we'll hear from the white house. we will have an exclusive conversation with the top republican in the senate, mitch mcconnell of kentucky. i'll talk exclusively with the man behind the effort of the irs investigation. all of that and our political roundtable coming up on," meets the press."
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>> more reports of severe weather in the plains states. they caught up with two tornadoes saturday afternoon and you can see both of them formed over open farm fields and kicked up a bunch of dirt but no serious damage has been reported. parts of alabama is trying to get dry after floodwaters washed out roads and forced several water rescues. when the sun came out in play county, some of the roads look 400 milesand close to of farms were washed out. there is a live look at pimlico after preakness. it looks like it is in pretty good shape. they are cleaning up and facing
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some drizzle. we're watching for a few showers around the area with temperatures right now mostly in the 60's. easterly winds are 6 miles per hour and the humidity is 97%. the easterly wind flow causes the cloud cover. it brings the moisture in right off the coast. we also have to worry about more substantial showers today that should develop into the afternoon. we had showers last night across the lower eastern shore with some strikes of lightning. we're watching as the showers are developing across virginia and toward the north. it does not look like a whole lot of coverage but the atmosphere will become more unstable and that will help the showers to develop more. on the radar, you can see a few green specks which is trying to indicate few sprinkles may develop. this is a trend into the afternoon. we have 62 in annapolis, 63 and westminster and 59 in frederick.
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chrisville is near 70 degrees. ifmay warm up pretty nicely we get some sun this afternoon. mostly we will be in the upper 60's with cloud cover and across the state. there might be a few thunderstorms popping up in the mountains or in southern maryland. you may want to be careful if you have outside plants. if you hear thunder, take shelter because you would be close enough to a lightning strike. we are expecting mainly only rain showers. that will continue overnight. they expect temperatures to fall into the mid 60's overnight and that is a mild start to tomorrow. warmer air will come in the next couple of days. with a boundary down towards south that will still be our pattern for the next couple of days. eventually, the area of low pressure in the northern plains will move our way. once it's sweeps past the
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skulls, we can hopefully see a big change in the pattern to more dry weather -- once its sweeps past the coast, we can hopefully see a big change in the weather pattern to more dry weather. as the front moves to the north, it will bring in milder air. 77 in houston and close to 80 in new orleans. movesven-day forecast into the 80's by mid-week. warmer air through mid-week but it is fairly unsettled. you'll notice the chance each and every day for a shower storm, about 40% chance tomorrow. it is isolated on tuesday but every afternoon, you may have to worry about that. we're hoping that the storm clears out by friday and that would bring nicer weather for saturday. >> it is that time of year when celebrations like graduations and cookouts and memorial day events will be in full swing. we are here with our lifestyle
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experts. >> good morning. i am happy to be back in baltimore. today we are talking spring entertaining. before your guests arrive, you want to make sure your houses in tiptop shape. with temperatures heating up, that goes for your household. we'll use the ceiling fans more frequently and people forget that when you turn them on, dust spread is throughout the room so i recommend a microfiber cleaning duster. you can avoid the sneezing and allergies. id don't have to go on a stepladder. >> they are easy to clean and you throw them in the washer. discussing the things that take place during spring. our social calendars to get overwhelming so tempo is a smart calendar that pulls relevant information on your calendar from your e-mail. contacts and previous
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conversations and addresses and it will go as far to provide you with directions to and from each event. >> it automatically filters for your messages? >> exactly, is that easy. you confided more at for free information and it is free to download. >> it sinks up all the information? >> exactly. might someday everyone is wearing pink so it will tell me. >> can use this with other members of your family? >> this is specifically for your calendar. your conversations would pull together. in terms of entertaining, don't let bad weather get in the way. if you're planning and after a party, invest in a high court -- in high-quality dishware. i recommend bright colors. i went with bright blue and this lovely pattern to casserole dish. fresh flowers are always a great
9:42 am
that in terms of keeping it fasted. >> stemless a great idea? >> and they are easy to hold. now that the party is over, what will we do with the old photos and video footage? a service that digitizes old formats and you put everything in his box and send it to them and send it back to you. confined at all the information. >> what do you get back? >> you get back your footage digitize. you can throw in photos and old video. >> can trade in all the old vhs tapes. >> with all this wonderful technology, there's a new app called familiar that enables you to target people that want to see the pictures. just download the app of light in 10 days unless they accept,
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you are below the funds and the shop directly on their screen savers and desktops. to be super-tech savvy. tips, spring these entertaining will be lovely. >> thank you for being here. up next, we are in the kitchen for sunday brunch. here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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>> comeback, it's time for sunday brunch. chef russell cobb with us from ceriello's. thank you for coming in from new york. you brought some meat. >> we brought some wonderful prime-aged, dried beef from ceriello's in belvedere square. only 4% of the beef graded in the united states is prime. we pick from one packing house which gives us the best prime age steak. we will cook a porter house today. >> are you going to do with it? >> we will put salt and pepper on it. it is important you don't cover up a dry-aged beef too much with too many spices.
9:47 am
you want the flavor of the meat. if you cook at home and you're going to be on the grill, you want your grill screaming hot. when you put it in there, you can hear that sizzle. it is always good to season both sides of the meat. we do everything from sausage to skirt steak to flank steak to new york strip. we are all time butchers. we have been a business over 40 years. >> you know the answer to any meats question? >> come into belvedere square and we have a great customer service and can handle and a one of your meat needs. >> you have some nice spears. >> these are great in the summer time to put on the grill. at the edges, you clipped off the ends. >> how to you know how far to
9:48 am
cut up and asparagus? >> i do about an inch-1.5 inches off the bottom. you can take a vegetable peeler and peel off the and and put it in the ball. ceriello's we make our own dressing. get that out of there. >> we d't want to put that on the grill. we tossed that in here and we can put this under barbeque or inside on the stove. you grill these and these are great would stake. steak. it makes a great presentation. >> if you'd like to copy of today's recipe, log onto our website,." what is this? >> this is compound butter.
9:49 am
you tag butter and we did one with scallions, parsley, roasted garlic, salt and pepper and shallots. put them in a bowl and mix it all up and put it in your plastic wrap, tie it up, a chill it, and then you will slice a piece of and through the -- ale -- excuse me miracle of television, we have a stake already prepared back isn't that amazing? >> once your steak is done, you have extra flavor. >>." and we will be right back. >> coming up in sports, an incredible run and a comeback we saw yesterday at the preakness.
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now >> , and 11 sports -- >> the message we can take away from the preakness is if you're going to employ a ageism, do so at your own financial peril. the did not like the 50-year-old jockey and a 77-year-old trainer with a 15-1 long shot, you missed out like i did. we're talking about oxbow and a day at the preakness with more than 117,000 on hand. there was still a lot of fun. sohave to talk about orb, dominating at the kentucky derby but never factored in because oxbow went to the lead early and never looked back. gary stevens was the jockey, a 50-years old and had been retired for seven years and came back because he thought he had a chance. by the backstretch, nobody was there to challenge him and he
9:53 am
knew it would be special. >> oxbow! and gary stevens to win the preakness. oxbow gave d. and lucas is for the championship at the preakness. i'm not going to lie to you -- to win a classic at 50 years old after seven years' retirement, it does not get any better than this. this is super-super sweet and it happened for the right guy. the stars were aligned and i could not be more pleased winning this thing. it is even more special winning it for wayne lukas and his team. >> oxbow, it's my lucky day robust $35 onmay
9:54 am
a $2 bets. the orioles are also in baltimore here is the orioles' new pitcher making his debut. a very nice start for the young man. you could not touch that one and the bottom fell out of it and he went five innings and struck out five and he was ok after 75 pitches and was a leading the game. leadingavis, his league- 12th-home run. in the ninth inning, jim johnson, was struggling and he blew one last time out. he is back at it again. there is a solo shot he gives up to kelly johnson and matt joyce to just tortured the orioles all day, three for 5 including those two that put tampa bay in front and they knocked off the orioles by a file of 10-6.
9:55 am
congratulations to the maryland women top ranks, knocking off the duke blue devils 14-9. syracuse next. have a great day. >> when you look at that state, you cannot help but have a great day. thank you for coming in. we are in belvedere square. is today's forecast? >> we have showers around today, 70 by the afternoon and warmer the next couple of days but each day as a chance for scattered showers or a storm. >> good day to stay in endicott. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, baltimore. >> have a safe trip.
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this sunday, damage control by the white house on several fronts. how much harm will it do to the president's second term agenda? president obama under a cloud of scandal, as congress bears down on irs officials who targeted
9:59 am
conservative groups. >> this week confirms everything that the american public believes. this is a huge blow to the faith and trust the american people have in their government. >> the key questions now -- who initiated the targeting and why? who else in the administration knew? and why was congress misinformed for so long? with us this morning, the president's senior adviser, dan pfeiffer, the republican leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell of kentucky, and the man leading a congressional investigation into the irs, chairman of the house ways and means committee, dave camp. and later the political fallout from benghazi and the justice department seizure of phone reports from the associated press. plus former secretary of defense donald rumsfeld returns to "meet the press." this time he's out of office and weighing in on the big issues in "rumsfeld's rules."


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